List of tours from Belfast

We have three different tour products in Belfast.

CityTour Listing

Starting at Chichester Street, Belfast city centre, this tour take you west past Scrabo tower, down the Ards peninsula to Portaferry, where you can see Robb Stark's Camp (Audley's Castle) and Winterfell (Old Castle Wall) across 'the Narrows' of Strangford Lough. The ferry crossing arrives at Winterfell, where we offer you archery in the courtyard of Winterfell and lunch from the 'Feast of Ice and Fire' cookbook. There are also Stark family costumes, cloaks, swords and shields available for hire. From Winterfell, we continue to Inch Abbey, where Catelyn first heard news of Ned's death and Robb's bannermen pledged fealty to him as the King in the North. The tour continues to Tollymore Forest Park, where the direwolf pups were found. The last visit is to Gosford Castle, the largest house in Ireland and the film location of Riverrun in season 3. This is a full day tour, from 09:00 to 18:00.

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