Filming in Northern Ireland

Did you know that Northern Ireland is the most important film location for Game of Thrones®?

Some of the most spectacular indoor sets in the history of television have been built for the show inside the 'Paint Hall' in Belfast, the largest studio space in the world. These sets include the Red Keep's Great Hall, with its Iron Throne, the Sept of Baelor, centre of religious worship for the Faith of the Seven and the impregnable holdfast known as the Eyrie, with its terrifying Moon Door.

HBO considered no less than fourteen different countries before choosing Northern Ireland as the principal filming location for Thrones. We think they made an inspired choice. The NI sets, landscapes and castles all look fantastic on screen.

Filming season 5 began in Northern Ireland in July, 2014.

We trek you (twice) to the most stunning locations

Our coach tours go beyond driving and sightseeing. We take you on two long locations treks (4 miles of walking in total!). The morning trek is from Winterfell to one of Walder Frey's Twins, past Robb's Camp in the Riverlands and on to where Brienne confronted three Stark soldiers. The afternoon trek is into Tollymore Forest, to the bridge where the Starks found a dead direwolf and her pups.

The most important visit is to Winterfell where an adventure sports company, based in the courtyard of Winterfell, offers Stark family cloaks, gambesons, peascods and LARP swords for those who wish to truly immerse themselves in the mood of the North.

Check out the beautiful maps of our tour routes in the menu bar.

Come prepared for a locations trek

In Ireland, Winter is never far away. Winter is always coming, almost every day. Good walking shoes, good mobility, the energy to walk four miles and a spirit of adventure are all requirements for our tours. They're not for the faint-hearted.

Belfast Winterfell Locations Trek

---£40 Adults

---£36 Students

Every ticket includes a coach tour + two locations treks

Dublin Winterfell Locations Trek

---€55 Adults

---€50 Students

Every ticket includes a coach tour + two locations treks

Extras on offer at Winterfell

+ Stark family costumes for hire (cloaks, gambesons, peascods, swords)

+ Archery in the courtyard (1 hour session, 12 arrows) for £8, or €10

NOTE: Archery is an optional extra for those with mobility constraints or for customers who, for any other reason, don't want to do the morning trek (1.5 miles) at Old Castle Ward

Group rates or Gift Tickets? Talk to us

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The arrow icon links to a short clip from HBO's Game of Thrones® YouTube channel called 'Season 2: In Production - Belfast'.

Radio interview with Ciara and Chris on the 2fm Ryan Tubridy show.

Here's a VFX clip from season 1 by BlueBolt of London, which reveals how a 16th century castle in Northern Ireland was dressed and green screened to become Winterfell.

VFX Breakdown