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Belfast Iron Islands Adventure

Coach day tour from £45

Belfast Winterfell Locations Trek

Coach day tour from £45

Derry Iron Islands Adventure

Coach day tour from £36

Dublin Winterfell Locations Trek

Coach day tour from €70

Tollymore Forest Locations Trek

Walking tour from £8

Belfast Iron Islands private tour
From £450 for 4 people
Derry Iron Islands helicopter tour
From £675 for 3 people
Ballycastle Game of Thrones® Sea Safari
From £450 for 12 people
Ballycastle Private Car Tour

From £380 for 8 people

Explore the Real Locations

Carrick-a-rede rope bridge

Visit Carrick-a-Rede rope bridge and Larrybane Chalk Quarry, location of Renly’s camp in the Stormlands and the Iron Born Kingsmoot, where Yara and Euron made rival claims to the Salt Throne.

Cushenden Caves

The Cushenden caves appeared in season two as a cove in the Stormlands – the memorable scene saw Melisandre give birth to the shadow creature. It was also the location of the fight between Euron Greyjoy and Jaime Lannister in season 8.

Inch Abbey

Visit the ruins of the 12th century Cistercian Abbey where Catelyn and Robb hear terrible news from King’s Landing, and Robb’s bannermen pledge fealty to him as the ‘King in the North’.

Tollymore Forest

This beautiful forest is the backlot for many key scenes, such as the pit where Wills finds the dismembered bodies in the snow, Tyrion and Jon’s campfire on their journey north to the Wall and the bridge where the Starks discover a dead direwolf and her pups.

Ballintoy Harbour

Visit Ballintoy where Theon came ashore on Pyke Island, where Theon later rededicated his faith to the ‘Drowned God’ and where Gendry escapes Dragonstone in a rowing boat.

Castle Ward

See where Winterfell courtyard was constructed and used for where the King’s party arrives and is greeted in season 1 episode 1. Other scenes filmed nearby include the spot where Brienne of Tarth dispatched three Stark bannermen and the Battlefield of Baelor.

Larrybane Quarry

Visit Larrybane Quarry where Brienne bested Ser Loras Tyrell and Catelyn brought news of Robb’s rebellion to Renly and his army. Also the location of the Iron Islands Kingsmoot in season 6.