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Girona Walking Tour

3 hours from €35

Bilbao Dragonstone Tour

9.5 hours from €65

Explore the Real Locations

Dragonstone beach

Visit Itzurun beach in Gipuzkoa where Daenerys and her advisors land on the beach of Dragonstone and Dany touches Westeros soil for the first time since she was a child.

Dragonstone walkway

Visit San Juan de Gaztelugatxe in the Basque Country, the filming location for the the winding path up to the castle.

Gardens of Alcázar

Visit the Water Gardens where Ellaria Sand kills Prince Martell after word of Myrcella’s death arrives

Great Pit of Daznak

Visit the stunning Plaza de Toro in Osuna where Daenerys watching the fighters battle in the great pit before being attacked by the Sons of the Harpy

Mudéjar Palace

Visit the filming location of the Water Gardens Palace where Ellaria sends the Sand Snakes out to attack Myrcella

Tower of Joy

Visit Castillo de Zafra in Guadalajara where Bran is shown a vision of his father fighting with the Gerold Hightower